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Not So Forgotten Films

(This is a cover page only - content is coming!)

Mission Statement

There are tens of thousands of movies out there. Only so many come to our local theaters but that's still a bombardment of choices.

Ever get a stray memory about a film you saw long ago and can't quite remember which movie it was? I think most of us have this happen to us.  We all have our unique memories of movies we viewed years ago. We remember some of them (especially if they were particularly good or particularly bad). We also forget about many of them and perhaps we shouldn't. Again, everyone has their unique movies they remember or forget.

Single-themed movies made to be topical or just made to follow a trend to maximize earnings don't belong here.  These "popcorn" movies are fine and some can be very entertaining, but this is about movies that have at least some degree of timelessness in their message.

In no particular order, here are some that shouldn't be forgotten.

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